AoS Spoilerific Not-A-Midseason-Finale Reaction Thread: Many Heads, Many Tales

Yes, I know it’s Ward. Let’s focus on the important part of the picture. No, not the tired, almost disillusioned expression. Not the resignation in the pose. Not even the richly appointed leather couch in the background.

“Is it the whiskey, Anti?”

Silly people. Why are you asking? Of course it’s the whiskey.

Okay, so we’ve made it to the finale. HAHAHA JUST JOKING. GOOD JOKE. GOT YA! The “Many Heads, One Tale” episode title leads me to believe that this is where we confirm that Hydra/ATCU/Extra-planetary Bacon Boy are all part of a united Evil Group of Evil.


But, of course, that will only be the first three minutes. What happens the rest of the time?

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