Just finished watching last week’s episode, and figured I’d leave this quote here . . . “If the regulars are to be put together, I believe they would prefer me to the other Cavalry Commanders.” Never let it be said that I am not a cheeseball.

Now then, on to the good stuff. I’m having a terribly difficult time with two things: a) Remembering that The Chairman’s Nephew is a bad guy and b) Remembering everyone’s name - both real and code. So let’s start with that!

MeltyMan is Joey, yeah? But does he have a code name?

The Chairman’s Telekinetic Nephew

Grant “Hive” Ward . . . does he go by Hive now? “Yo, Hive-y, wanna come over Sunday for some beers and a brat?”


Sparky - suppose I should learn his name if Skye/The Show is so hellbent on making him a thing.

The President

Anyone I’m missing?

PS: Can anyone see that picture without thinking about this one? No? Just me?